Broadband Cable Association of Pennsylvania

Glossary - O

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Off the air - Reception of a TV signal that has been broadcast through the air.

Office of Telecommunications Policy (OTP) - Division of the staff of the Executive Office of the President that advises the Executive Branch on communications policy, studies policy questions, and develops legislative proposals.

OHM - The standard unit of resistance, reactance and impedance. A resistant of 1 ohm will conduct 1 ampere of current when a voltage of 1 volt is placed across it.

On-demand Service - A type of telecommunication service in which the communication path is established almost immediately in response to a user request brought about by means of a user-network signaling.

One-Way System - The ability to receive TV programming through the broadband network. Customers wanting to order movies and other services must use traditional methods to do so rather than using the two-directional interactive capabilities offered through the Two-Way System. As the physical plant is upgraded, one-way systems will be replaced by two-way systems.

Operating System (OS) - The software that manages hardware and resources on a computer. Applications use the operating system to make requests for services and interact with the computer's devices.

Optical Fiber - An extremely thin, flexible thread of pure glass, able to carry one thousand times the information possible with traditional copper wire.

Optical Overload - A condition of high input current that causes pulse width distortion at the output of the TIA.

Overlapping Markets - A case where a TV stations Predicted Grade B Contour is overlapped by the Predicted Grade B Contour of a television station located in a different market.

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