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Glossary - U

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Ultra High Frequency (UHF) - Channels above channel 13 (or from 470 MHz to 806 MHz).

Unbundling - The separation and discrete offering of the components of the local telephone service. Unbundling of network components facilitates the provision of pieces of the local network, such as local switching and transport, by telephone company competitors.

Uniform Resource Locator (URL) - The address of an Internet site. The URL contains the protocol used for the site (e.g., http, ftp), the domain name or IP address of the site (e.g., and, optionally, the folder or page on the site where specific information is stored.

Universal Serial Bus (USB) - A plug-n-play standard for connecting multiple (up to 127) input/output devices to a single high-bandwidth port. The design of the bus allows hot-swapping of the devices (disconnection and reconnection without powering the computer off) and automatic configuration. The USB peripheral bus standard was developed by Compaq, IBM, DEC, Intel, Microsoft, NEC, and Northern Telecom.

Upconverter - A device used to add a lower frequency to a microwave frequency.

Uplink - The return signal from the user to the base station.

Uploading - The transfer of files from a local computer "up" to a remote computer.

Upstream - The term used to describe traffic and paths that go from the subscriber to the headend. Also known as Reverse Path or Return Path.

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