Broadband Cable Association of Pennsylvania

Since the Telecommunications Act of 1996, Pennsylvania's cable companies began building the state's most robust, widespread network to deliver video, voice and data services.

During this period of historic technological growth, cable companies in the Commonwealth have invested over $8 billion of private capital in one of the nation's most superior broadband infrastructures. Over 85,000 miles of cable plant - providing services for approximately 3 million customers - blanket our state's cities, townships, boroughs and rural areas.

The result of this investment by Pennsylvania's cable companies is a dramatic narrowing of the state's digital divide. In fact, broadband services were provided in rural Tioga County by a Pennsylvania cable company before they were available to residents in San Francisco or New York City. This is the investment - at the level of nearly $2,600 for every cable customer in the Commonwealth - made by cable companies in Pennsylvania.

Broadband cable represents an industry that not only contributes significantly to the financial health of the Commonwealth, but also provides important services like high speed Internet to thousands of our state's schools, libraries, medical facilities and community centers - as well as to businesses and homes.

For all Pennsylvanians, it means the best of today's advanced broadband services. In short, the Commonwealth's economy is benefiting from more jobs, capital investment, and innovation while Pennsylvania consumers have more choice, convenience, and control.

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